Purpose Statement

In any culture there is no expression more personal than clothing. It represents aspects of personal life from morals, aesthetics and spirituality to status, occupation and personal taste. Clothing can embody a social narrative or a living history.

This is a pilot project to create a digital costume collection at The College of Wooster Department of Theatre and Dance. The College of Wooster Department of Theatre and Dance has received a Next Generation Mellon Grant in which they will collaborate with librarians, as well as other colleges, to expand their digital collections. This pilot is a Senior Independent study thesis done by Julie Melrose, read her abstract below.

The pilot website was built to aid historians, costume designers and students. Primary research traditionally has been done using physical costume collections and museums. Today researchers can take advantage of technological advances to find more first-hand information.

Feedback is highly appreciated. Email: cowdigitalcostumes@gmail.com

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Abstract by Julie Melrose:                                                  

Clothing and artifacts preserve cultural memories which solidify an attempt to maintain life and evoke meaning. Because of this, society collects, preserves, observes, and learns from these significant artifacts.  Historically, the responsibility to collect and preserve have been performed by museums. However, from the progression of technology, a new institution has become responsible for collecting and educating the public: the digital collection. This new entity provides a more advanced, highly specialized, and greater amount of information output to a wider audience than was previously available. From this historical understanding, I have created the pilot digital collection for the College of Wooster, as well as an accessible and efficient digital collection construction process.


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